A new ‘buzz term’: The Internet of Things. Great. What the heck does that ambiguously nerdy catch-phrase mean anyway? What are the companies that sell this 'Internet Thing', now?

Let’s make this easy. “The Internet of Things” implies a concept not a “thing”. The concept, simply put, is the growing ability for development companies and consumers to connect all our “things” to the Internet. Like, our coffee makers, washing machines, and door bells. These “things” can now get and share information over the Internet, usually, but not limited to, Bluetooth Low Energy. That’s it.

Now that these communication technologies exist and have been proven, like Bluetooth, NFC (near field communications), Wi-Fi, and Li-Fi, we software developers can provide you (companies and consumers) some very exciting features and functions to nearly anything you can imagine. If this were a bandwagon its wheels would be feeling some real stress. Software Development Industry insiders have estimated that up to 30 million wireless device connections will be added to the Internet of Things by the end of this decade.

That’s a lot of “Things”.

This trend is a really good thing too. It is transforming the way people interact on a global basis. Just think of the possibilities using Bluetooth (BLE), NFC or RFID. Emergency response teams and continuous care providers can be more efficient because their patients are wearing a band that is broadcasting their ‘vitals’ allowing them to predictively react to an emergency. Urban planning or waste management organizations can make better decisions based on continuous reports of water use, power load, or traffic, What about your house? Yeah, systems could be more precise in communicating temperature for lower energy use or even shut off lights after a certain time of the night. The possibilities are seriously endless.  Because of this, there will also be a tremendous need for technological tools to help shape and guide our interactions with the Internet of Things. The coming years will be exciting, productive, and potentially very profitable for forward-thinking companies. 


Real World Examples:  Bluetooth (BLE) Connected Devices

BLE stands for Bluetooth-Low Energy. It is, simply defined, a personal area network technology.  Bluetooth-enabled products contain a small beacon that emits a signal. Now, let’s be sure not confuse Bluetooth-Low-Energy with traditional Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology used for your headset, for example, is very different. It uses a lot of power and carries a ton of data. BLE, on the other hand, transmits over shorter distances and transmits a lesser amount of data per communication using a fraction of the power, which is what is most important.  Once emitting the signal it only needs a smart development company, a smartphone, computer or other type of controller to accept the signal and analyze its data. Any data! Then, broadcast it to wherever it is needed or wanted.

As we all know, wearable monitoring devices and a myriad of other sensing applications (think thermometers, proximity sensors, weight scales, and tire pressure sensors) have successfully found their way to our everyday lives, and most of them now function with BLE. When you couple this level of data sharing with a cool application that people care about – you can change the world.

Envative is enveloped in these development technologies. We can help you build your BLE appliance and the wicked cool software to support it. So, when you’re ready to create that app that reports all bicycles riding around the city and how to avoid traffic, or alert you when your mailbox has been opened and the weight of the contents after opening, or your super-secret, uber-cool idea, we’ll be here ready to take on the task as a development partner with proven expertise. Look no further. But, you may want to hurry up a bit, those competing companies of yours are thinking the same thing.

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