Nestled in Rochester, New York exists Envative, a team of super-smart and wickedly creative designers and engineers (dare we say - the best mobile apps company), that can build your mobile applications for virtually any handheld device. We've tackled projects from New York City to San Francisco that have ranged from simple voting apps to intricate logistic applications with complex user interfaces. Our software solutions are built and tested across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Really... we have aptitude in all the platforms, not just iOS and practicing in Android and 'did a Windows app once'. We get it, we’ve done it.  We focus on creating an amazing mobile app experience (there’s that word again) for your users.

  • B2B Mobile Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Integrate your internal systems for your employees
  • Extend your services through a mobile app
  • Go global! We not only have mobile clients in Rochester, we have worked with clients from California to NYC to London.

Go ahead, submit a Mobile Application Request now and we will set some time aside to consult with you as soon as possible.

You're one step closer! Can't you see it? Your app is “all the rage”. You are celebrating amongst your peers. People want to know you. They're wondering, "How did he/she do that?" Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

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If you want to create your own mobile app, Envative can help. Our highly qualified and creative developers can build for you your dream apps for any mobile platform, so tell us your plan, and get your app built today.


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  • 50 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14605
  • T: (585) 327-5640
  • F: (585) 327-5649
  • TF: (855) 368-2848

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