As a premier provider of custom web and mobile application development services, we’re not your average software development shop. We incorporate the latest design and UI/UX elements with the latest technologies to make the end product truly stand out. We don’t just build applications.

We Build Experiences.

Clients use our expert consulting, design, and programming skills to build innovative systems on a myriad of platforms.

We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative relationship with every one of our clients and supporting them throughout the process of technology implementation to reach their business goals.

Envative’s success is based on building positive
EXPERIENCES for our Clients.


How do we do it? By…












Approaching with Enthusiasm

Implementing eXcellence

Taking Pride in our Work

Educating Clients and Each Other

Rising to Challenges

Conducting with Integrity

Communicating Effectively

Staying Nimble

Designing Creatively

Exceeding Expectations

Ensuring Satisfaction



Approaching with Enthusiasm

Implementing eXcellence

Taking Pride in our Work

Educating Clients and Each Other

Rising to Challenges

Conducting with Integrity

Communicating Effectively

Staying Nimble

Designing Creatively

Exceeding Expectations

Ensuring Satisfaction


Some people really love process while others…not so much. At Envative, we more or less have to love it. Why? Because developing, testing and implementing a successful project without process would be, well, crazy. That said, there are often unforeseen variables that can impact the process mid-stream (requirements that have evolved, new features recommended, client resource limitations, etc.) – let’s face it – this is the real world, not always a perfectly orchestrated textbook scenario. Process is critical to project success, however, it’s important to be able to regroup, readjust, and reset when necessary and to keep the end goal in mind – a product or solution that wows you and your users. So we account for the “unknowns” right in our process. We are “agile” in the true sense of the word.


Communication between development team and client to ensure clear understanding of client vision, goals and requirements. Allows us to determine the best approach for delivering a great application!


Bringing your vision to life with eye-catching creative and User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) expertise. Our talented designers will discuss your brand guidelines and incorporate them into your solution. Need help with branding? We can assist with that too.


Laying the foundation upon which we'll build your Experience! This might be a site map, a framework or a database infrastructure depending on the project at hand.


Prototypes for the functionality - one of the most critical phases of a project as this is the optimum time for new features to be identified. Code is not written until wireframes have been approved so no time (or expense) is wasted on rework due to unclear expectations.


This is the "heavylifting" phase when the actual coding of your wireframes takes place along with APIs and any other systems integrations! Regular sprint meetings are held during this phase so you can watch progress along the way.

Quality Assurance

In addition to manual debugging, we also employ Automated Unit Tests, User Interface Testing and crash report analysis. All bugs are logged in web-based issue tracking tool and monitored through completion to ensure nothing is missed.


Your team has vetted the product, is comfortable with the solution and excited to start deploying it for production use. This step is when you officially "sign-off" that we've checked all the boxes and delivered as expected, giving us the go-ahead to publish.

Beta Testing

Once Envative gets through initial QA testing/bug fix phase, we turn over a fully functional instance of the system (app) for client review and testing. This gives you the opportunity to fully vet it with your internal teams. You will likely find a few minor bugs yourselves, but don’t worry, we will quickly rectify them prior to launch.


We'll review your new application with client administrators and users to make sure everyone is comfortable using your shiny new system.


Woohoo! Mobile apps release to stores (iTunes and Google Play); Websites and custom web applications are published to production url. Everyone is happy as customers flock to your awesome new site or app!


We stand behind our work so rest assured that every project comes with a standard warranty period to give you peace of mind.

Meet Our Team

Hello!  It's nice to "meet" you.  Team Envative looks forward to working with you soon!

Gaetano Vigneri

Director of Creative Solutions


Meet Gaetano Vigneri

Michael Petito

Director of Web Development


Meet Michael Petito

Scott Terry

Director of Mobile Application Development


Meet Scott Terry

Dea Corsi

Marketing and Account Management


Meet Dea Corsi

Lisa Martone

Director of Sales


Meet Lisa Martone

Julie Swatling

Project and Account Management


Meet Julie Swatling

Matt Bridges

Technical Project Leader


Meet Matt Bridges

Paul Campbell

Technical Project Leader


Meet Paul Campbell

Daniel Petito

Technical Project Lead


Meet Daniel Petito

Rich Whitesell

SmarterCMS Specialist


Meet Rich Whitesell

Garrett Shearer

Software Engineer


Meet Garrett Shearer

Clay Herendeen

Software Engineer


Meet Clay Herendeen

Cara Paul

Software Engineer


Meet Cara Paul

Vishal Goradia

Software Engineer


Meet Vishal Goradia

Adam Reese

Software Engineer


Meet Adam Reese

Ryan King

Software Engineer


Meet Ryan King

David Smith

Software Engineer Co-op


Meet David Smith

Nick Curatalo

Quality Assurance Testing


Meet Nick Curatalo

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We build great products and pride ourselves on delivering quality and excellence. We also have fun. The Envative culture values critical thinking and a passion for crafting great products. 

We look for individuals that are entrepreneurial and have a passion for technology. Our company culture is centered on changing the world through great software and we’re looking for like-minded individuals.

We offer a friendly, small company atmosphere, where every member of our team can make a significant impact on company success and customer experience. Envative offers competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, including paid vacation and holiday time, personal time, medical and dental coverage, and a 401(k) plan that includes a company match.


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  • F: (585) 327-5649
  • TF: (855) 368-2848
  • info@envative.com

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