Dave Mastrella


Dave Mastrella



David has been immersed in Internet based application design & development for the past 18 years – with total development experience exceeding 30 years. He has held positions ranging from senior developer, systems manager, IT manager and technical consultant for a range of businesses across the country.  David has been integral in the growth of Envative as a partner and one of the chief architects of our anti-texting mobile application. David’s strength comes from a deep knowledge of technologies, design, project management skills and his aptitude for applying logical solutions to complex issues. He is able to communicate technical information effectively to non-technical people, and conversely translate ideas into both highly creative and efficient technical solutions. David is responsible for all resource assignments and coordination of the engineers at Envative.

Dave holds a degree in Computer Science from Brockport University and an MBA from the Simon School. 



Gaetano Vigneri

Director of Creative Solutions


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Director of Web Development


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Director of Mobile Application Development


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Software Engineer


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Nick Curatalo

Quality Assurance Testing


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Robbie Kubiniec

Software Engineer Co-op


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Xiaoxuan Zhang

Software Engineer Co-op


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  • 50 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14605
  • T: (585) 327-5640
  • F: (585) 327-5649
  • TF: (855) 368-2848
  • info@envative.com

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