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Day in the life of a software engineer

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Grown Men Acting Silly. It’s not the title of the next Adam Sandler comedy (although it certainly could be), but an accurate description of a room of software engineers here at Envative.

We tried to pin them down to answer some serious questions about their job but got, for the most part, comments that are unfit for publication. God help us all.

And we like it that way, darn it! Like hockey goalies, software engineers are an enigma – druids, if you will. You can’t pin them down, and even when you do, they won’t look you straight in the eye. They are offended if you don’t call them “nerds”. They just aren’t right. But what they do, when left to their own devices, is make some of the most miraculous kick saves you’ve ever seen. Put that in technological terms, and these guys solve problems.

“They’re the kind of guys who stay late on their own time to build a company web portal to streamline project communication and tracking,” said Dea, one of our three Project Managers. 

They work hard but keep their humor too.  All of the guys are good buds, but Jeff and Greg are like brothers from another mother. They sit at arm’s reach and have some of the most unusual verbal banter sessions you’ve ever heard. I equate it to word vomit improv; stuff just spews out, and it’s worth a good chuckle.

 “They also play hard – in that lovable geeky kind of way, such as challenging each other in the latest game of Risk online or flying small drones around the office to break up the monotony -- all accompanied with lots of sarcastic banter, of course,” Dea said. “You’ve got to love the fact that the team works (and plays) so well together. It keeps everyone motivated and happy to come to work every day.”

Jeff, who has been coding since age 11, says his job is to “play a lot of video games”.  We're pretty sure he meant that jokingly.  His poker face would be an asset in Vegas, but we hold the rights.

Jeff did follow that up by saying “there are hundreds of frameworks, languages, APIs and technologies that I’m expected to get up to speed on very quickly. In addition, every project that comes in the door is different. Today I’m a web expert, tomorrow I'm a Mobile expert, the next day who knows.  That's what keeps the work I do interesting.”

With headphones affixed, Greg lifts and drops his Slinky from an inch above his desktop, over and over. The sound resembles a button colliding with the drum of a close dryer. Clearly, Greg is in the zone.

“There is a sense of fulfillment when I am able to figure out how to solve a coding problem,” he said.

At any given time throughout the day, the engineers are called upon to meet with clients and project managers, write code, fix bugs, and provide valuable feedback.

“They sniff out inefficiencies and poke holes in what seem like the best of ideas, leading us (and therefore our clients) to smarter, creative and downright awesome solutions,” said Project Manager Elyse.

It is fitting that “The Pit” is where these boys call home. It is the scene of some serious business, where a group of men with a complementary range of skill sets create epic solutions for customers.

Yes, currently mobile apps are all the rage, especially those that provide functionality and value.  “A business can get so much more for their money if they have us create an application that helps their workforce or drives sales,” said Scott, lead mobile app developer and hockey fan (coincidence?).

While it can be near impossible to understand what they’re saying sometimes – even Rosetta Stone won’t touch this – there is no doubt they have the client in mind.

“My number one goal is to make the client's life easier,” said Jeff. “I’m not happy with the end result unless they are.”


Eek, it’s a girl!

On the contrary. Envative is interested in receiving more resumes from female software engineers. In fact, co-owner Dave Mastrella says, “A female offers a different perspective to solving problems that I think would make the team even more robust.” Hear that ladies

Interested in learning more about joining the fun crew at Envative?  Visit our Careers page!


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