February 2015 > On-Demand Marketplace Apps to Lead Trends for 2015

On-Demand Marketplace Apps to Lead Trends for 2015

Technology is always evolving, improving our lives by allowing us to do things better, faster. As a result, the phrase “on demand” was created.

In 2015, technology will help us get our food and eat it faster too. Trends we can expect to see include a significant increase in the use of smartphones for mobile transactions, and apps that will help restaurants sell more food. The idea of on-demand ordering is to harness the craving and not let it get away.

More businesses than ever before will parlay the day-to-day use of smartphones to not only reach customers, but also help make it easier for them to pay for goods and services on the spot. Everything from pizza to yo-yos can be ordered and bought by the touch of a finger.

The key to reaching the right people is to integrate what you’re offering with how you sell it. For example, the goal of a storefront is to get people through the door. To do that, you need to advertise and rely on word of mouth 

(or preferably both, as long as the word is positive).

An app is advantageous in situations where customers can’t physically make it to you. Convenience has always been a huge player in the marketplace, and smartphones are like ads that travel with customers, 24/7.

Having an app for the sake of having one won’t do the trick. Getting users to push that button – and keep pushing it -- is the goal. Their experience must be smooth, and graphics should make them want to do it all again. The more someone clicks the app, the better the experience should be.

If you aren’t using technology to improve your bottom line, there’s no better time than now to think about giving it a go.

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