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Find Employees Before They Find You

Today’s job market illustrates the dynamics of supply and demand. Positions that are readily available are not being filled, while some professionals seeking work cannot find it due to oversaturation of their career segment.

More than ever, employers are seeking team members who come in with experience, which reduces the investment they must make in on-the-job training. Years ago, after successfully obtaining certification as a paralegal, a friend of mine was told flat out by several law firms that they would not bring her on because she had no experience. The reason? They were afraid she would jump at a better offer elsewhere after they spent the time and energy to train her. It simply wasn’t worth their resources to take that chance.

Today’s top technology companies aren’t waiting for potential employees to walk through the door. They are reaching out to neighboring universities or tech institutes and offering instructional programs and/or equipment as part of particular curriculums. It gives students a first-hand look at manufacturing or IT industries in their market, and the jobs associated with them.It’s a fantastic idea, and it works. Students have the added benefit of choosing an employer before ever crossing the stage on graduation day. No anxiety over where to look, having to interview, or sling pizzas until they find something.

The demand for IT experts, software developers, programmers, etc. is at an all-time high. If you’re looking to hire someone, go the traditional route of job placement firms and placing help wanted ads (the industry has become so strong over the years that the busiest placement firms specialize only in the area of technology), but also contact the schools in your area and ask how you can get involved. Making this positive step can help put you in the driver’s seat of the recruiting process.  It is a strategy that has definitely worked for Envative.

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