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The world has gone mobile. 

You already knew that, you saw it coming and you want in.  You have a great idea for a mobile app that will streamline your business or grow the bottom line.  Or maybe you have a great idea that you’re sure the world will want to download. AWESOME!  But now what?  When you google mobile app developers, you get pages of willing partners.  How do you narrow the list to figure out who might be right for you?


We’ve compiled these important questions

We recommend that you refer to them when searching for a mobile development company.  This list is based on the things that we know first-hand that are important to our clients, as well as, what we’ve been asked by folks just like you searching for the best fit. Expand the '+' next to each question to see how we answer them when asked.


We hope this helps you as you start your mobile development search.  Good luck!

1. What mobile technology will you use to build my app?

Mobile applications can be developed in three fundamental ways:

Native Apps - Our team builds the application in its native code to run on a specific device and operating system. The app is downloaded from an app store and resides on the device. Cross-Platform Apps - Build the application once using a cross-platform framework and run it on multiple mobile platforms (after fine-tuning for each platform). It’s also downloaded from an app store and resides on the device.

Mobile Web Apps - Our team builds the application to run over the internet from a central server, from where it can be accessed by any device with a web browser. Due to differences in underlying technology, each approach has inherent advantages and drawbacks, development frameworks, and appropriate use cases. We’ll collaborate with you to do a careful analysis to ensure that an application is built using the right technology for the functionality desired.

2. Where can I find examples of mobile apps you've developed?
3. How will we communicate during the development process?

An experienced project manager will be assigned to you as the main point of contact for your team. We believe in transparency so your PM will provide consistent status updates and schedule regular sprint reviews with you and the development team so that you can see progress first hand every step of the way. The earliest steps in our process include design and wireframing. This lays the foundation for development and ensures you're involved and in agreement with how the team intends to proceed. See more on this by visiting our process page.

4. Do you only do mobile apps? In other words, what languages do you code in and which platforms do you use? (You will probably need a landing page for your app, so it may be more important than you think.)

Oh no – in addition to iOS, Android, and HTML for mobile, we have extensive expertise in custom web development utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server stack; C#, Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, etcetera, etcetera. You can, therefore, rest assured that we'll provide a fully functional and well thought out solution to set you up for success with your app. In addition to our breadth of technical expertise, our talented Design team is here to focus on the good looks and UI/UX protocols necessary for user engagement.

5. How will you test my app?

We take advantage of structured manual testing on a variety of platforms and device versions to identify and address bugs prior to release. We also employ automated regression testing and crash reporting analysis to ensure the product has been vetted on a variety of levels. We build a client testing phase into the timeline as well to uncover any client specific user scenarios that may need to be addressed. A beta release to a broader user group for larger scale vetting is also recommended prior to store release. All bugs are logged and tracked in online issue tracking tool so there is visibility and assurance that all are resolved and re-tested.


We hope knowing the top questions to ask helps you in your search for a mobile app development team.  We've got 7 more that we think are pretty important as well.  Enter your email in the form to the right and we'll send them directly to you.

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