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Find your favorite bartender - via app

Patrons like to see a familiar face behind the bar.

That's why Jeff Shufelt and his friends were disappointed to find their favorite bartender wasn't working on a night they visited a local restaurant...

Innovation zone adds downtown moxie, but new firms?

When Josh Lowery and his partners were searching for office space for a website development company in 2010 it didn't take long to realize they wanted to locate in downtown Rochester.

"We didn't want to be stuck in the suburbs. There's a certain element of coolness that comes with being downtown with a lot of the energy that's down here," said Lowery...

Web design firm shifts approach to business

Envative was founded in 1998 when the Web was an emerging medius

Five years ago Pullano, Mastrella & Lamb Inc., now known as Envative, decided it was time to be cool - and nerdy...

Affiliate marketing helps small firms increase sales

With the rising cost of pay-per-click advertising, some small businesses have turned to affiliate marketing as a way to increase sales and brand awareness. Yet this form of performance-based marketing does not run on autopilot, given that black-hat hackers can lash out to collect commissions they have not legitimately earned.

New technologies prompt software firms to offer more

As mobile technology gains speed and use of the cloud becomes more common, software firms help their clients take advantage of the new technology.

Customers want to make the best use of information technology to solve problems and reach a wider audience, IT experts say...

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