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SportsEngine (formerly known as Advanced Event Systems), now a member of NBC Sports Group, provides leading edge infrastructure for online registration, hotel management, scheduling services and individual registration. Their technology solutions and consultative approach enable their clientele to run events more effectively creating a true partnership with their customers. With consultants located nationwide, they are prepared for multiple events in a variety of geographic areas.


The original processes that were employed by AES were very manual. Their staff was made up of volleyball club managers, experienced parents, and enthusiasts. They touted themselves as effective by virtue of experience with the sport.  There was very little software technology employed. As they began to consider (around 2005) and pursue software solutions, they commissioned an independent developer to aid them.  The work revealed the first incarnation of the AES Court Scheduler. It ‘worked’ to the level for which it was tested but new considerations could not be added.

Soon AES was confronted with larger opportunities. The events were reaching 8,000 players, plus families and fans. As the events got larger, their policies, procedures and software were put to the test and failed. In addition to the need for getting their scheduler software fixed, AES was getting requests for help with hotel logistics, score publications, website(s), and officiating tools.  It became very clear as larger and larger clients requested AES services, failures of their software were too visible to continue on their current path.


AES came to Envative with the intent to find a company to update and manage their existing software.  As with all support projects, we asked for a block of time to review the existing code to determine the best course of action.  By the end of our review we were faced with the uncomfortable discussion of telling our client that their software code was written so poorly we couldn’t take the job. We offered a three month support contract but did not feel we could continue beyond that with the existing code.

The owners of AES were disappointed but appreciated our candor and honest approach. They made it clear that they wanted to be ‘the’ service solution in the realm of amateur volleyball tournaments and would do whatever it took to get there. We therefore worked with them to map out a software redesign for a comprehensive Event Management System that took two years to fully implement. 

In 2015, nearly 8 years after the first successful launch and implementation of the core Management product later known as AES 1, the owners of AES wanted to bring their now dated system into a more modern UI/UX architecture. While their existing system scaled nicely to meet their original needs, through the years, as with most software applications, the world around it had changed.  

The AES customer base had grown to a population of over 300,000 users, with this growth came new clients and variations on original requirements and newly determined workflows had also emerged. In order to stay competitive, AES made the business decision to modernize their system and deliver much needed additional functionality to their clients.

With an existing system fully running the core of their operations, they needed to have a modular approach to bring on pieces as the development became available while the existing platform remained operational. The transition would need to be seamless. Having trust and confidence with them based on past work, AES decided to once again employ Envative and their team of experts to take on this endeavor.


The AES systems engineered by Envative created a comprehensive and robust solution that has addressed a wide variety of user interface functionalities being requested in the sports tournament market.  The platform continues to evolve and grow to meet demands.  With the modernization project in full steam, and several modules successfully in use, the relationship between the two companies is stronger than ever. This positioned AES to be acquired by SportsEngine, a subsidiary of NBC Sports Group.



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