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Interactive Telecom Solutions (ITS) services clients in the United States and around the world. ITS is a full service communications management company with over 30 years combined communications management experience. Their mission is to assist clients in navigating the complex and confusing communications landscape.


ITS had a powerful yet outdated Telecom Management System that their business relied on to track customers, telecom equipment and usage for billing, sales team commission business rules and calculations as well as admin user management.  As is frequently the case with legacy systems built a decade ago, requirements evolved and changed and components were built upon components as a way of managing the changing landscape of their business. It was eventually determined that a complete re-write of the system would provide ITS with a more efficient, scalable, user-friendly system. Once in place, it would improve productivity and streamline business processes allowing them to achieve future growth.


With goals that included a replication of critical components, enhancements to processing and a modern user interface with flexible administrative controls, Envative laid out a comprehensive project plan with milestone timelines to achieve these goals. This plan allowed ITS to take advantage of the new software a stage at a time over a 2 year release period while also allowing for feature expansion. In addition to the TMS core system, the ITS team was managing Analytics Tracking, Operation Project Tasks and Carrier Databases via 3rd party tools. Therefore, Envative’s approach needed to be modular, to allow for incorporating a Dashboard Analytics interface, a Project Task Manager and a Carrier Map. This Dashboard would contain “widgets” of information for Senior Executives to see Snapshots of Sales Funnels, Future Prospects and Order Provisioning Milestones achieved. The Project Task Manager needed to allow their provisioning operations team the ability to outline repeatable tasks thereby ensuring operations goals are fulfilled thoroughly and in a timely manner. Lastly, the Carrier Map would become an interactive Geo-coded tool for the ITS Agents to search for building locations that are “lit” and by which Carriers, allowing them to streamline services for their end users quickly and efficiently. Their overall solution plan would encompass a Customer Relationship Manager, an Agent Manager, A Carrier Manager, a Commissions Management tool, an Analytics Dashboard, a Project Task Manager and an interactive Carrier Location Mapping Tool.


Envative designed and developed a comprehensive web-based user-friendly interface on a Microsoft MVC platform with a supporting database environment hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Service (AWS). At time of this writing, 3 of the 6 software stages (the Analytics Dashboard, Carrier Map and Project Task Manager) have been deployed and are in use by ITS.  The remaining stages are in final stages of development and scheduled for deployment by end of 2016.



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