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LECESSE Construction is an innovative construction management firm with offices and affiliates in Albany, NY, Orlando, FL, Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Lancaster, PA, Richmond, VA and Rochester, NY. For more than 60 years, they have constructed or renovated a multitude of public and private buildings specializing in senior housing, healthcare facilities, and higher education centers. 


LeCesse Construction had a mobile app created by another development company using a hybrid methodology. (Hybrid methodology utilizes one code base to write to 2 masters, iOS and Android, while attempting to solve the nuances each operating system demands). Their existing app had several issues including performance and usability which caused their team to lose interest and disregard the app. In an effort to not only regain usability among their initial user base but to expand to a broader audience that includes Site Project Managers, Corporate investors, Site Owners and other key stakeholders, they needed to have a more reliable, scalable, customizable solution with improved UI/UX. The constraints associated with the existing app platform did not allow LeCesse a feasible path to upgrade and it was therefore determined that a complete re-write was in order.


 LeCesse approached Envative seeking expertise and guidance on how best to address their situation. Envative recommended a re-write of the app in native iOS and Android code to improve user experience, engagement and to properly address reliability and future feature additions. Wireframes were created to show recommended improvements and collaboration sprint meetings began. The wireframes were reviewed with LeCesse for input prior to development to ensure satisfaction with the end product.


In an effort to reduce cost for LeCesse, Envative initially proposed integrating the native apps with their existing CMS interface through APIs. It was determined during development, however, that the perceived existing infrastructure did not actually exist thereby eliminating this as an option. Instead, Envative developed a web admin portal with supporting database in a flexible environment to accommodate current and future needs. The portal provides LeCesse with an easy-to-use interface to manage user administration, assets and other key variables to support the new mobile apps and was built within a flexible framework to meet current and future enhancement needs. The apps are now downloadable in both the Google Play and Apple stores and actively in use. LeCesse has plans for a second phase of enhancements for purposes of expanding to incorporate even more user types.



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  • 50 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14605
  • T: (585) 327-5640
  • F: (585) 327-5649
  • TF: (855) 368-2848
  • info@envative.com

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