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Parlec was seeking a complete redesign of their existing website.  They were very clear about their pain points with their existing site when they approached Envative, namely:  “we have to go to our vendor to make any update to the site”; “old technology”; “site is not very useful for their audience”; “site is not mobile responsive”; “site is not flexible”.


Envative met with Parlec to listen and document their “wants” so that we could offer them the right solution appropriate for their needs.  Their extensive list included: “we want to be able to manage the content from inside Parlec, Inc.”; “If we want to add another page for sales promotions or new product launches, I want it to take hours not weeks.”; “easy search tool for part #s”; “modern look and feel”; “help center”; “online chat”; “ability to incorporate data from external MRP system to look up stock and pricing”; “ability to have tiered logins for downloads”.


Envative knew that our SmarterCMS solution would get Parlec 85% of the way to their goal as Kentico’s CMS platform is developed in such a way that it would certainly meet most of Parlec’s wants and goals.  However, there were a few features that the standard solution wouldn’t be able to provide, namely, complex tool search, online chat, incorporating the MRP data for lookups.  Problem?  Not at all – since Kentico is developed in open source framework, Envative engineers were able to effectively customize the code to check all the boxes.  The result is a comprehensive website and CMS platform that was delivered on time and within budget.



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