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Royal Oak Realty Trust Inc (formerly known as Buckingham Properties Leasing Group) is a private, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) formed to acquire, own and operate commercial net leased real estate. Royal Oak’s concentration is on industrial and office net leased properties.


Buckingham Properties had an outdated, non-responsive (meaning it did not properly format on mobile phones and tablets).  In addition, they were about to embark on a rebranding effort that included new name, Royal Oak with a whole new look and feel.


Envative’s design team introduced Buckingham Properties/Royal Oak to the Kentico platform which immediately appealed to them for a variety of reasons.  The platform had an easy-to-use interface that would allow them to manage simple content additions and changes on their own without needing to rely on a web developer.  The platform manages their content library, offers built-in eMail messaging, efficient use of page templates to ensure consistency in design, and a user management partition that controls user access to information only available to authorized visitors.


The new website was designed by the Envative design team to reflect and support their re-branding launch and to accommodate secure investor access to information.  Feedback on the new site from Royal Oak was extremely positive.



Contact Info

  • 50 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14605
  • T: (585) 327-5640
  • F: (585) 327-5649
  • TF: (855) 368-2848

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