The Clinician Exchange (TCX) is a start-up born out of a need to fill a gap in the healthcare industry.  The founders come from all sides of the industry: clinicians, corporate executives, sales and marketing professionals, hospital employees, and entrepreneurs.  From the healthcare supplier side, they  wanted the ability to seamlessly multiply resources at times of strong demand with flexibility to easily scale them down when needs declined without breaking the budget.  The clinicians wanted a way to easily share their practices with peers as well as find a way to ethically connect with suppliers to offer services and insights to try and improve the industry for everyone.  As a way to address these core needs, The Clinician Exchange was born. 


The Clinicians Exchange team evolved from their first-hand observations of the chronic disconnect between medical device companies, hospitals, and clinicians. A common example being - when a medical device is going to be used in a procedure, a physician or hospital will issue a request for an experienced clinician with the modalities surrounding the chosen medical device. All too often these referrals are too arduous to orchestrate or, worse, inappropriately dispatched only to find the clinician is ill-experienced or told to report at the wrong day or time.  Often, a procedure is cancelled because a scheduled clinician never arrives.


TCX contacted Envative to build a community portal that would meet the social and professional goals of their conceived platform.  The key stakeholders didn’t have detailed specifications for the platform but they were passionate about what problems they were looking to solve and were able to effectively articulate them to Envative.  The project teams collaborated to help flesh out and expand upon the vision to deliver a comprehensive and expandable web platform. Envative determined that a hybrid approach to building the TCX solution would provide the best functionality to meet the needs within their defined funded budget.  They strategically planned to create the foundation of the web interface with our SmarterCMS solution, a Kentico Content Management System platform, then have the development team apply Angular JS customization to meet the unique requirements outlined during the planning phase.  This would allow Envative to provide TCX with a feature-rich yet modestly priced portal solution.


The portal was designed as “community pillars” - medical device companies, care providers, and clinicians. Each pillar is customized for the audience while, in the back-end, a matching algorithm is keeping the application administrators abreast of the needs of each audience sect. Clinicians maintain a profile that shares the geography, experience, and interest to work as a contract clinician by managing a personal calendar. Medical device company administrators can make requests for Clinicians, expressing requirements for experience, modalities, and distance from procedure locations, for example. Hospitals can evaluate clinician experiences and make requests for continuing or discontinuing relations with a clinician. Mobile device or desktop, the entire community is connected like never before.



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