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Wireframing for Success

Wireframes are aptly known as the “Skeleton” or “Blueprint” of an application. They are a low fidelity representation of the overall flow of a mobile or web application. Sounds kind of boring, right?  It’s really not!  Good app developers take the creation of wireframes very seriously as it is the first and most crucial step to insuring project success.

Handing over a development project to your development partner doesn’t really mean that you will have the app defined and spec’d out just the way you envision it.

Creating wireframes is the best way to know whether your development team is on the same page as you are in terms of understanding the information provided during the planning stage.

In addition, wireframes define the features and attempt to illustrate solutions to problems before they are problems.  In essence, solving a problem before it’s a problem makes it...well…invisible.  So wireframes often don’t get the glory they probably deserve.

“Where various stakeholders are involved, wireframing becomes an effective communication tool which involves and engages all. They allow a UX designer to communicate their ideas and logic with an engineer, business analyst, marketing manager etc. and on the flipside, the stakeholders can communicate their own ideas with designers.”

Start with these Basic Steps

There are definite steps that should be followed to create good wireframes. If you wireframe a website there should be a list of all pages first so as not to miss something in its logistics. It’s a responsive world so designers should show wireframes for desktops, tablets and phones separately. At the end, when all pages are ready, you can see the website workflow or site map.

If you create wireframes for a mobile app the initial step is to think over all possible test cases with user stories. Each test case has to correspond to a separate screen. When all of them are done the work ends with digital interactive wireframes for each intended feature and function.

Reduce Project Risk

Apart from being a complete working layout of any particular screen, wireframes are also used to identify other features and functionality not previously thought of.

Whether designing a website, a custom web portal or a mobile application, determining desired changes or enhancements during the wireframing stage is THE key to saving time and budget during the development stage.  After all, no one enjoys the thought of “rework” – especially when it could have easily been avoided with some well thought out wireframes and client feedback sessions.  Wireframing for success – that’s “where it’s at”!

Prototyping for Success


Ok, so, perhaps you’re not ready to commit to a full-blown development project.  Maybe you just have a crazy idea and you’re not even sure it can be done. No problem.   Many crazy ideas are what make for GREAT projects. Envative can do the research and prototyping for you. Our "pretty nerdy" team of developers can help reduce any risk in your project and offer you valuable information on the feasibility of your web or mobile application project.  They’ll do the research and create digital interactive wireframes resulting in a “prototype” based on your idea.  This brings your concept to life for potential partners and investors before the commitment to full development is secured. Better safe than sorry...oh...and it helps with budgets too.  

Wireframing Request

So, let's start your wireframing project now!

Looking to create your own website, custom web portal or mobile app? Envative can help. Our highly qualified and consultative designers and developers will bring your concepts to life for key stakeholders or potential partners and investors before the commitment to full development is secured. Requesting wireframes in the form of an interactive  prototype is just...well...smart. Oh...and it helps with budgets too.  Let's talk.


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