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“Employees in today's digital workplace use an average of three different devices in their daily routine, which will increase to five or six devices as technologies such as wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) eventually become mainstream.” “This is placing an increasing amount of pressure on IT to develop a larger variety of mobile apps in shorter time frames.” 

- Gartner

Envative App Development

Looking for an experienced, accomplished mobile applications development partner with a history of delighting our clients with collaboration, process and expertise? Stop looking, you just found us. The best mobile app developers New York has to offer.
To be a true partner, we know that app development should not just be about lines of code. We’re here for you to consult with during the conceptual stage and then through planning, strategy, design, development and execution of your idea.

Our expertise spans app development for iOS, Android and Windows as well as wearables. Our solutions encompass mobile for Biometrics, Security, Construction, Health Sciences and more.

Check out some of our mobile work below. If you want to see some other experiences we've built, check out our portfolio.

“We estimate …companies that install IoT systems to improve operating efficiency as well as consumers—could capture as much as 90 percent of the value created by IoT applications in 2025.” 

- McKinsey: Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things Full Report

Navigating the Internet of Things (IOT)

“The Internet of Things” implies a concept not a “thing”. The concept, simply put, is the growing ability for development companies and consumers to connect all our “things” to the Internet. Like, our coffee makers, washing machines, and door bells. These “things” can now get and share information over the Internet, usually, but not limited to, Bluetooth Low Energy. That’s it. Now that these communication technologies exist and have been proven, like Bluetooth, NFC (near field communications), Wi-Fi, and Li-Fi, we software developers can provide you (companies and consumers) some very exciting features and functions to nearly anything you can imagine. If this were a bandwagon its wheels would be feeling some real stress.

Software Development Industry insiders have estimated that up to 30 million wireless device connections will be added to the Internet of Things by the end of this decade.  Envative is enveloped in these development technologies. We can help you build your BLE appliance and the wicked cool software to support it. So, when you’re ready to create that app that reports all bicycles riding around the city and how to avoid traffic, or alert you when your mailbox has been opened and the weight of the contents after opening, or your super-secret, uber-cool idea, we’ll be here ready to take on the task as a development partner with proven expertise. Look no further. But, you may want to hurry up a bit, those competing companies of yours are thinking the same thing. 

Mobile Application Request

So, let's start developing your application project now!

Have an idea for a mobile app? Envative can help. Our highly qualified and consultative app development team will LISTEN to your ideas, DESIGN an interactive prototype and, once you love what our experts have come up with, we'll BUILD your app for your mobile device(s) of choice. 
Just tell us what you're thinking, and we'll get started on bringing your ideas to life!


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